Seth Smith is a Nova Scotia-based artist, musician and filmmaker. In the past 10 years, a substantial part of his visual art practice has been with YORODEO: a design studio and collaboration with artist Paul Hammond. They are well know for their vibrant, screenprinted gig posters and more recently their anaglyphic series, THREE DEE REALMS, which has been exhibited across Canada and the U.S. In music, Seth performs as the primary singer/songwriter for DOG DAY and other projects with longtime partner Nancy Urich. Their music has topped national charts and has taken them across North America and Europe. After directing a number of shorts and music videos, his recent focus has been on film. He completed his first feature LOWLIFE in 2012. The award-winning film has been championed by critics and screened in over 20 cities in Canada and beyond. Seth currently works as Art Director of the OBEY CONVENTION Music and Art Festival, and the OUTLIER FILM FESTIVAL.


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